Tailored and Collaborative Dog Training

Choose Between Private Lessons and Group Classes

Customized Training for Your Canine Companion

At Pinnacle K9, we offer both private and group dog training classes to cater to diverse learning styles and needs. Serving Colorado Springs, Denver, and the surrounding areas, our classes are designed to strengthen the bond between you and your dog, regardless of their current skill level.

Private Dog Training Lessons

Personalized Attention

Our private lessons provide one-on-one training, perfect for dogs and owners who prefer individual attention or have specific training needs.

Flexible and Focused

Tailored to your dog's temperament and your training goals, these sessions offer a focused environment for learning and bonding.

Convenient Location

Conducted in our private training facility, easily accessible from Denver and Colorado Springs.

Group Dog Training Classes

Cynologist with sniffing dog, training outside. Owner with his obedient pet outdoor, bloodhound domestic animal

Real-World Practice

Ideal for graduates of our basic training courses, these group classes offer a chance to practice skills in real-world settings with controlled distractions.

Community Support

Benefit from the camaraderie and encouragement of fellow classmates, both two-legged and four-legged.

Skill Enhancement

These classes are designed to polish and reinforce the training skills learned in our basic courses.

Client Experiences: Private & Group Training

Hear directly from dog owners who have participated in our private and group lessons.

Start Your Dog's Lessons With Expert Trainer

Pinnacle K9 is here to guide you to a happier, well-behaved dog, simplifying your life as a pet owner.

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