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The Dunlap family standing under a tree at Pinnacle K9s dog boarding and training facility near Colorado Springs, CO.
The Dunlap Family

Keeping your dogs happy and safe is our #1 priority!

Chris Dunlap has been training dogs for more than 20 years. Whether for boarding or training, when your dog comes to stay at Pinnacle K9’s Black Forest facility, they become members of our family! We have a detailed questionnaire for pet parents to ensure our guests are cared for to their owners exact specifications! We use the most advanced, scientifically backed, and balanced training methods to get the absolute best of your pets behavior and attitude. We also coach you one on one to guarantee the results will last the entire pets life!

Our 40-Acre Pet Paradise!

Our exclusive 40 acre dog boarding and training facility is located on the northeast edge of Black Forest, Colorado. This secluded woodland-meets-plains paradise is comprised of 50 kennels, 2 enormous play yards, and no shortage of open spaces. Perfect for giving your pet the physical and mental activity they crave!

Our highly functional indoor-outdoor kennels feature roofs and open fencing in the outside portion, heated floors, raised beds, optional bedding, and are kept in pristine condition to ensure maximum comfort during your pups stay! 

Dog Training & Boarding Services

Dog Training Retreat

Send your dog to live with expert trainers who will revolutionize your pet’s behavior! We will send high quality photo updates along the way and post videos on social media so you can observe your pet’s amazing transformation. At the end of your pet’s stay, we work one-on-one with you so you can maintain the results!

Join us at Pinnacle K9 and embark on a journey of growth, obedience, and companionship. Experience the finest dog training near Colorado Springs, Denver, and surrounding cities, and let us help you unleash your dog’s full potential.

Dog Boarding

Heading out of town? We’ve got you covered! Send your dog to stay on a 40 acre dog paradise with our family of dog trainers. Not only will your pup be treated as a member of the family, but we will customize their care to your exact specifications so you can leave feeling confident they will be safe, happy, and healthy during their stay.

For worry-free dog boarding near Colorado Springs, turn to Pinnacle K9. Trust us to provide a home away from home for your beloved pet, where their well-being is our top priority!

Client Reviews


"I can't speak highly enough about Chris and his team!"

“We thought we were doing the basics correctly but then our dog started to get aggressive on the leash and at times aggressive with other dogs. We like to take him everywhere so this was not only extremely stressful but also extremely concerning. We were recommended Chris with American dog pros, who took care of our dog during a board and train stay and I can’t speak highly enough about Chris and his team. Not only did our dog come back a completely different well behaved obedient dog, but Chris also gave my husband and I the tools for owning and training a dog that we will use for the rest of our lives. To be able to manage the behavior of your dog is so valuable and not only brings joy to my husband and I, but also to our relationship with our dog who we love so much.” 


"Chris just knows Dogs."

“We had a 2 yr old rescue dog who needed obedience training and we definitely got more than we paid for! We used to struggle with walking because he would go off after every smell and now we walk him off leash almost everywhere with better obedience and following commands than we expected. Chris just knows dogs. He understands their psychology, their motivation and their needs and uses all that together to build a relationship and train from there. We really feel like our dog is not only obedient now, but so much happier because he has freedoms he didn’t have before. And the follow-up training we receive helps train us to be the best dog parents we can be – definitely a full-service training solution for the life-long happiness of our family!!!!”


"You can tell they're passionate about dogs and care about your training goals."

“I 100% recommend Chris & Cele at Pinnacle K9. They’re both super professional, knowledgable and easy to work with. You can tell they’re passionate about dogs and care about your training goals. I did 6 private lessons with Chris for my 2 year old mixed breed dog. I now have a dog I can trust off leash. Chris communicates everything in an easy to understand way. Additionally, compared to other trainers, his training program is unique and tailored specifically to each dog. It’s quality training and everything we worked on easily translates into my every day life. If you have any doubts or need help with anything, definitely shoot Pinnacle K9 a message! You won’t regret it!!!”


"Quality training and mind blowing results."

“Where to begin? My wife and I have always enjoyed adopting from boxer rescue groups. We’ve had plenty of experience training our past dogs to include our first boxer who was deaf. So, when our recent adoption popped up that he was deaf we felt it was the perfect fit. Let’s just say, we met our match. Sadly, the previous owners who had him for the first year of his life spent no quality time training him and locked him into a kennel for 16 hours per day. This led to him being anxious and high strung in situations that most dogs wouldn’t. So, we decided to hire on the Pinnacle K9. Being impressed simply wouldn’t fully express the immediate results we saw after each session. The trainers are polite, personable and professional. Their training methods are extremely effective and well worth every penny. Thank you for the quality training and the mind blowing results.”

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