Who We Are

ADP founder, Zack Kiser, and his dog, Scrappy (the inspiration of our logo image) in trial, earning their MR3 title!​

Pinnacle K9 founder: Zack Kiser

Zack comes from a family of talented dog trainers and as a result began his journey in dog training as a young child.

His introduction to dog training began with working dogs. When they weren't helping dog owners train their beloved pets, Zacks dad and uncle spent their time training competitive protection dogs, as well as police and military K9's. Zack has continued this work in his life, placing dogs on police forces and coaching teams of competitive dog trainers.

Zack is an avid dog sport competitor, having won the level 1 USMRA National Championship in 2016 and later placing second in the World Championship of Mondioring in Battice, Belgium!

Recently, Zack and his companion, Scrappy, achieved the prestigious dog training title - Mondioring 3 - with a high score of 352/400. Scrappy is the face in our logo and one of multiple workings dogs Zack has shown at a high level of competition.

Why Do We Train?

Chris Dunlap training a new client's dog at a dog behavior training facility near Denver and Colorado Springs.
Owner Chris Dunlap with his Belgian Malinois protection dog, Bonzai
A woman bonding with her new goldendoodle puppy during behavior training in Colorado springs near Denver CO.
Happy client snuggling her new goldendoodle puppy, bred by owner Chris Dunlap, outside their home in Washington!

Why have your dog professionally trained?


With so many potential dangers in our world, it is our responsibility as pet owners to have our pets reliably trained so we can safely avoid and handle those situations!


Training gives us a level of mutual understanding with our pets that allows us to have an enhanced and frustration free relationship!


Dog behavior training can be fun for our pets and gives them the mental stimulation they require to meet their biological demands! Not to mention how fun it is for us to see their little brains work!

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